Uniting Artists in Support of Community Growth

Creative Entrepreneurs Meeting

We have realized in our conversations with friends who are photographers, florists, musicians, and crafter/makers, that a lot of what we are having to figure out is similar and that we all feel isolated in our struggles to make our small businesses work. Our hope is that we are able to share and help each other feel less alone in this crazy process!

Below are the dates and information on upcoming meetings! Please feel free to invite folks. If you have resources you think would be useful for a certain night or a suggestion for future discussions please email us!

July 5th: Local Artist Spotlights. We’ll hear from two local artists; Rebecca Aydelette (Rebecca Aydelette Ceramics) and Seth Bunch (Xylem Woodworks). They’ll spend some time sharing a bit about their business, vision, and any struggles they’ve faced. We’ll leave ample time for discussion at the end to give them feedback and ask any questions that may relate to your own growing business! 

August 2nd: Social Media Marketing. Chisa Pennix-Brown (Lady Bizness) is going to share some of her expertise with our group! As small business owners or freelancers, we need to know how to market ourselves on social media. Chisa will give us some tips on how to do this successfully in a way that is beneficial for creatives. 

**All meetings are 7-8:30pm at Hope Chapel GSO. 


– Julia and Elizabeth